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*I design websites * I re-design them too * I can organize your web project * I can take your web idea and make it up-to-date and cohesive * I can create that database that you have needed built * You will get a website you will love * We can create it from scratch or just refresh parts you want updated * I will help you work with social media * Your business demands that you can no longer ignore will become responsive.

* Users will love going to your site from their mobile phones * I can build you an App for your IT * Your web project will make good clean sense and money, all the while I will finally be wearing only one hat! * Don't get me wrong I look good in a lot of hats and can share with you a couple stories about the "wearing many hats role" throughout my careeer.

*account support *branding *logo design * barbara billingsly jive if required * best practices * branding * bootstrap * C# * deadline driven * clean code * clean designs * consultation * content strategy * web contracts * website creator * cross browser testing * css3 * requirements gathering * elements * icon creation * font design * font license * font-family * frameworks * hosting services * html5 * logo design * mock ups * information architecture * web apps * javascript * jQuery * keyword expansion * location flexible * project plans * mySql * project workflow * responsible design * responsive design * SEO Efforts * section 508 * site maps * start up * communication * typography * ux design * wireframes * web redesign

Timeline Details Accomplishment
1970's Born Glued Jeopardy Game Pages to Wall Visual & Tactile Child
1980's Observer Mostly Sugar Diet Understood Creative View
1990's Student&Worker Stayed out of Debt Art School's Are Not Free
2000's Employed Wandered But Not Lost Grew Up, Discovery Process
2010's Student Organized What Career Should be Happily Created Career

Know where you are, so you know where you are going. What is your story and what does your timeline look like ? Take that risk, organize what you want, make "getting out there" a priority for your business and I can quick help you get there too!

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